We all know the importance of using images and every blog whether it is solely written to provide a formal piece of information or a dose of sheer entertainment; images play an important role in sending the message across. So, read on to know some of the most amazing benefits of using images for blogs:

It boosts social media sharing and interest – Whenever a new post is shared on Facebook or Twitter, it gets far more hits and likes if there is an interesting photograph added to it. Posts with images are known to have higher levels of engagement in comparison to posts that offer plain content and information. Sites like Instagram purely work on the format of image posting and it is highly successful Instagram printer in Melbourne and most of the cities especially amongst the youngsters. The craze is such that there are special Instagram photo printers available in Melbourne.

An image support your viewpoint – Writing and posting a plain informative blog on any of the social media platforms looks and sounds highly monotonous. We all write with an objective to put our viewpoint across and to connect with our readers so, there is really no harm in supporting the written content with some appealing and related images to make the work look interesting and attract more people towards reading and sharing your work.

Helps in achieving an emotional connect – “An image speaks more than a thousand words” – this one phrase sums it all since an image is admired more than anything else. An image does the magic of taking a person into the space of nostalgia while creating a flash back of beautiful memories. Thus, adding an image to your blog post will ensure that the point that you’re trying to put across is going to stay in the minds of your readers for a longer period of time.

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