Marquee letters are very much in trend nowadays, you can use them at various places like at your wedding, to promote your place, just for the decoration etc. Here are a few steps by which you can design on your own any marquee letter:

  • Draw and cut the letters first: Take a wooden board and write all the letters on it, use scale and draw the letters in a proper manner. The, buy using a jig saw cut out the letters. If your letters have holes in the center like ‘B’ or ‘O’, then use a drill to make holes, so that center can be easily cut out.
  • Now sand and paint the edges: The rough edges and the splinters should be removed by sanding the letters. Paint them by using any paint or spray paint, which will paint your letters very quickly. YOU must wear respiratory masks to avoid breathing in toxins while painting.
  • Make holes for the bulbs and lights: Mark the spots where you will insert lights in your light up letters hire in melbourne and if you have multiple letters, then balance the placement of lights in all the letters. You can use a spade bit to drill holes in your letters and lightly sand the holes for removing splinters.
  • Now cut the flashing: Roll your letters in the flashing, so that they are completely covered in it. Cut the flashing and staple the flashing along the edges. Cut out the extra flashing and when it is completely stapled, crease the corners.
  • Install the lights: Simply install the string lights into the holes, screw in the bulbs and enjoy some amazing marquee letters.

If you want metal marquee letters in Melbourne, then you can hire a professional for marquee letter in Melbourne. This is the most creative way to attract people to your place.

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