So, are you getting married?..Then, photos and pictures are something that you will definitely don’t want to miss. A wedding booth session is a must for you and what you want is to capture some unforgettable moments before you two get married. You can contact to a wedding photo booth to hire an awesome photographer in Melbourne. Photo booth is the perfect way to add some fun in your marriage and enjoy a little bit of entertainment. If you want to be a little creative, then you can design one on your own, here are a few tips for designing a fool-proof DIY wedding photo booth set up.

  • Make a perfect backdrop: It may or may not be fancy; fanciness is not what you should seek in a backdrop. A backdrop can be as simple as a plain black wall. You don’t need to make your backdrop very complicated and keep it simple and soothing to eyes. You can try some amazing patterns or a beautiful landscape. The dimensions of the backdrop must be 6ft x 4 ft, so that it can match easily with all the camera formats. You can even buy one from online sites or affix the one that you have designed.
  • Get some funky props: Collect some toys, props or costumes, these things will make your shoot very interesting and full of fun. The more weird things you try, the more better it will be.
  • Make a unique hash tag for your wedding: Some people might not like the idea of hash tagging and finds it stupid, but it’s a good idea to not lose any pic. People will post their pictures at your wedding and you can easily find them through a hash tag.
  • Buy a photo printer for printed photos: Anyone who has taken the pics at your wedding with a smart phone, can print the pics instantly with Insta X or any other instant photo printer. Your guests will only need an app and all will be done in no time.

In Melbourne the wedding photo booth are very popular and you can enjoy these services by hiring the right photographer and consulting the right people.

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