Camera Equipment:

The camera is an essential part to set up a photo booth at your wedding or party. A basic digital point and shoot camera will be absolutely fine for your party. You will also need a tripod and shutter so that you can maintain a balance with your eye level. Remote shutter allows guests to take their own photographs so that they shouldn’t be depending on photographers to click their photos.


A good lightening is a must need a thing for a professional photo booth hire in melbourne because it provides a different look to your photographs. A spotlight can give a glow to your relative’s face which will enhance their beauty in photographs.


You can use various kinds of props for your photo booth which can create fun and make your party more enthusiastic and enthralling. If you are having kids and teens at your party or wedding then it will keep them busy and they will enjoy clicking photos with their favorite props. There are so many props available nowadays such as specific props for bride and groom, special mom props, dashing brother props; you can also put objects like any musical instrument, binoculars, magnifying glasses, car steering wheels, this all will give a personalized look to your party and wedding.


While setting up a photo booth, you must target a suitable location for it. Choose an area which shouldn’t obstruct the flow of the party and can be easily accessible so that your guest can enjoy taking photographs and enjoy your party. A wide and big hallway can be an ideal spot for your photo booth. Once you are done with your location, try excavating all the furniture from there so that your photo booth can get ample of space to give beautiful memories to your loved ones.

There are various photo booths services available at Melbourne; you can hire them and can enthrall your wedding party.

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