Enclosed Photo Booth:

Enclosed photo booths generally have several pipes with curtains draped around it in order to create a tent like structure. These photo booths come in different styles such as curtains, walls, or panels and the main advantage of enclosed photo booths is the privacy they offer. Curtain booths tend to offer more elegant look as compared to wall or panel photo booth. The main advantage of curtain booths is that you can choose different curtain colors to match your theme. This feature is not possible with wall or panel booth. Another important aspect of curtain booth is that you can normally fit 4 to 15 people behind the curtain which is usually not possible in wall photo booth because the space in wall or panel booth is usually limited to 4 people.

Many times people use inflatable booth in order to enclose the photo area and their set-up is similar to an open air photo booth which includes a camera and a printer in a pod with a backdrop. The profit of enclosed photo booth is that there is a bit more privacy in these booths. These photo booths require a fair amount of venue space as well so that many people can fit in them.

Open photo booth doesn’t have walls and it simply consists of a taped square on the floor for guests to stand in. You can hire a photo booth in Melbourne for any party or wedding function. To hire a photo booth in Melbourne, you can take help from the internet.

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