The success of a party is completely depended on proper organization of things. Hence, making list of things becomes very imperative.

1. Theme list.

Have you planned on adding a theme to your party or your big event? Themes can widely vary from medieval; themed costume party, to under-the-sea party, or from an ’80s themed musical party, to a black-tie raffle? This list basically involves collecting the relevant and different details about the particular theme. It is about deciding on the food (since food is also a part of the theme and is likely to vary as per the theme), the deciding on the props and decorations. Also, Photobooths are part of the prop, so it is important to keep in consideration the theme of the photobooth. Suppose you throw a techno-themed party in Melbourne, Instagram props or Facebook props can be used. For Instagram Printer hires in Brisbane, you can go with Mr and Mrs Booth.

2. Budget list.

It is very important to get a budget list made immediately after deciding on the theme and the things needed or the theme. You can make this list in two different ways. Decide on the amount you feel like investing on the entire event. Then make a list of all the things necessary and at the same time keep estimating the amount required for every item which shall include food, decorations and props.

3. Invite list.

This is a very important list. The budget list is also largely depended on this list.

So, in case you are willing to put up Instagram in Melbourne Photobooths for your Melbourne based party or your Brisbane based party, Mr and Mrs Booth shall provide you with unique options.