Arrangements for your D-day

Villas are as old as civilization. Villas have existed ever since the pre biblical times. Villas have existed ever since the beginning of civilization. Villas were in vogue even during the pre biblical times. Villas were place where the rich lived the simple life.

Villas were places where the rich went during the off season. These were places where the people lived during the off season or during the vacations. They were places which were mostly based in rustic areas. They, in true sense could be termed as home away from home. These villas were places where the rich lived the simple life. The villas were places where the rich sometimes took their children so that they could learn a thing about the simple village life. Villas were places where the rich children indulged in activities like agrarian activities, agriculture, horse rearing, horse riding, etc. The villas were places where the rich lived the simple life.

The villas were places where the rich lived during the off season. The villas were places where the rich went with their children so that they could learn a thing or two about the simple village life. The rich also took their servants and maids so that they could take care of these villas as their own. The villas were places where the rich lived the simple life. The maids and servants took care of these villas their own.

They were places where the rich lived the simple life. The villas were basically divided into two halves. The first consisted of big L shaped rooms which ended in a patio and he second half consisted of these big patios which evolved into these aisles and the person sitting there got the feeling of a royal.

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Get the right picture

Have you ever wondered why it is necessary to take pictures in any event or ceremony? This is done to seize the moment in a photo because we cannot turn time but we can always enjoy it if it is captured. Almost all of us have asked our parents for our childhood photos because it is hard to imagine it just by describing how it was. By looking at the pictures, we get a clearer picture and it is fun as well. Nowadays, everything is done instantly which is why hiring wedding photo booths in Melbourne in marriage ceremonies is becoming very popular.

An entirely different space is reserved for such a booth where people can get clicked with people and poses of their own choice. This is also beneficial for the bride and groom because they don’t have to spend on a pre- wedding photo shoot if they have this facility on the spot; however, there are some rules that you need to follow to get the photos right.

  1. Choose an open one in case of hiring a photo booth in Melbourne so that you can fit a large number of people in one shot.
  2. With the bride and groom involved, lead the way for guests to be clicked with them so that no one misses the fun.
  3. Do not choose a location that is too far away from the crowd because that won’t get you a lot of pictures. Setting it up near the dance floor is the best option to go with.
  4. Make sure that there is enough lightening so that there are no dull pictures taken.
  5. Create a cool background because more people get attracted towards it.
  6. Select the props carefully. Instead of getting serious ones, try and opt for casual speech bubbles or chalk board signs.

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Design your own Wedding Photo Booth

So, are you getting married?..Then, photos and pictures are something that you will definitely don’t want to miss. A wedding booth session is a must for you and what you want is to capture some unforgettable moments before you two get married. You can contact to a wedding photo booth to hire an awesome photographer in Melbourne. Photo booth is the perfect way to add some fun in your marriage and enjoy a little bit of entertainment. If you want to be a little creative, then you can design one on your own, here are a few tips for designing a fool-proof DIY wedding photo booth set up.

  • Make a perfect backdrop: It may or may not be fancy; fanciness is not what you should seek in a backdrop. A backdrop can be as simple as a plain black wall. You don’t need to make your backdrop very complicated and keep it simple and soothing to eyes. You can try some amazing patterns or a beautiful landscape. The dimensions of the backdrop must be 6ft x 4 ft, so that it can match easily with all the camera formats. You can even buy one from online sites or affix the one that you have designed.
  • Get some funky props: Collect some toys, props or costumes, these things will make your shoot very interesting and full of fun. The more weird things you try, the more better it will be.
  • Make a unique hash tag for your wedding: Some people might not like the idea of hash tagging and finds it stupid, but it’s a good idea to not lose any pic. People will post their pictures at your wedding and you can easily find them through a hash tag.
  • Buy a photo printer for printed photos: Anyone who has taken the pics at your wedding with a smart phone, can print the pics instantly with Insta X or any other instant photo printer. Your guests will only need an app and all will be done in no time.

In Melbourne the wedding photo booth are very popular and you can enjoy these services by hiring the right photographer and consulting the right people.

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Steps to DIY Marquee letters

Marquee letters are very much in trend nowadays, you can use them at various places like at your wedding, to promote your place, just for the decoration etc. Here are a few steps by which you can design on your own any marquee letter:

  • Draw and cut the letters first: Take a wooden board and write all the letters on it, use scale and draw the letters in a proper manner. The, buy using a jig saw cut out the letters. If your letters have holes in the center like ‘B’ or ‘O’, then use a drill to make holes, so that center can be easily cut out.
  • Now sand and paint the edges: The rough edges and the splinters should be removed by sanding the letters. Paint them by using any paint or spray paint, which will paint your letters very quickly. YOU must wear respiratory masks to avoid breathing in toxins while painting.
  • Make holes for the bulbs and lights: Mark the spots where you will insert lights in your light up letters hire in melbourne and if you have multiple letters, then balance the placement of lights in all the letters. You can use a spade bit to drill holes in your letters and lightly sand the holes for removing splinters.
  • Now cut the flashing: Roll your letters in the flashing, so that they are completely covered in it. Cut the flashing and staple the flashing along the edges. Cut out the extra flashing and when it is completely stapled, crease the corners.
  • Install the lights: Simply install the string lights into the holes, screw in the bulbs and enjoy some amazing marquee letters.

If you want metal marquee letters in Melbourne, then you can hire a professional for marquee letter in Melbourne. This is the most creative way to attract people to your place.

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Tips to Find Wedding Photo Booth in Melbourne

Here are some of the lists than can be used to incorporate more wedding photo booth that can be used in your wedding reception.

  • Picture Guest book: you must skip the unexciting old signal in guest book. You must have your guests who must go by means of the booth and then glue their picture strip. If you want a vintage come you must feel the black and white picture strips that looks wonderful on black pages.
  • Photograph sleeves: the sleeves are the fantastic way for your attendees to take home of all their photos strips that can be used for good bookmarks. You can also write a thanks note- “Thank you for sharing this working day with us.” There are many couples who are skipping the traditional and unexciting marriage favors and are providing the picture booth as the favor as an alternative.

Wedding photo booth can have a event’s theme or style and can be customized according to the design which ensure your prints and is a special momen to for all the guests. Wedding photo booth in Melbourne can have different types of prints which includes logos, strap lines, graphics which create a powerful giveaway.

Having a photo booth at your wedding serves many purposes. These are-

  1. Entertainment: A photo booth is just the thing that will keep the crowd having fun and the main thing which keep your guests for a longer period.
  2. Awesome Favors: Favors are really important and is really a hard thing to decide. It gives a nice gesture to your guests by saying thank you for coming.
  3. Memories captured: this is a place where your guests can have fun. These pictures can become your memories for years.
  4. You don’t have to wait: all the brides who choose this option will get thrilled and have your wedding pictures in your hands before you will go for the honeymoon.
  5. Photo booths give life to the party: beyond the opening bars and musical bands, wedding can become eventful because of the photo booths.

With the advancement in technology and the ability to create all kinds of special, you can have the best wedding photographs for your big day.

If you are in Melbourne and looking to have fun with your photographs, wedding photo booth hire for weddings Melbourne is the best way. You can easily go for wedding photo booth in Melbourne.

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The various advantages of using Images in Blogs

We all know the importance of using images and every blog whether it is solely written to provide a formal piece of information or a dose of sheer entertainment; images play an important role in sending the message across. So, read on to know some of the most amazing benefits of using images for blogs:

It boosts social media sharing and interest – Whenever a new post is shared on Facebook or Twitter, it gets far more hits and likes if there is an interesting photograph added to it. Posts with images are known to have higher levels of engagement in comparison to posts that offer plain content and information. Sites like Instagram purely work on the format of image posting and it is highly successful Instagram printer in Melbourne and most of the cities especially amongst the youngsters. The craze is such that there are special Instagram photo printers available in Melbourne.

An image support your viewpoint – Writing and posting a plain informative blog on any of the social media platforms looks and sounds highly monotonous. We all write with an objective to put our viewpoint across and to connect with our readers so, there is really no harm in supporting the written content with some appealing and related images to make the work look interesting and attract more people towards reading and sharing your work.

Helps in achieving an emotional connect – “An image speaks more than a thousand words” – this one phrase sums it all since an image is admired more than anything else. An image does the magic of taking a person into the space of nostalgia while creating a flash back of beautiful memories. Thus, adding an image to your blog post will ensure that the point that you’re trying to put across is going to stay in the minds of your readers for a longer period of time.

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Reasons to have a photo booth at your wedding

Your wedding is one of the most special days of your life. You finally get to tie the knot with your loved one. You will wear the wedding ring which will signify the eternity of your love and togetherness. It is obvious that you want the day to be a special memory in your life. This is the reason why people call photographers in their weddings. They wish to get each and every moment of their wedding to get captured and stay alive with the help of photos. But now the times have changed and people have started making it a photo booth wedding. This is the reason why wedding photo booth hire in Melbourne is gaining huge demands. But then some people don’t consider the photo booth wedding or wedding photo booth hire in Melbourne a good option. But then here are some reasons why you should have a photo booth at your wedding –

1. The first reason is the sense of uniqueness. Photo booth weddings are definitely a unique way of celebrating such an important event of your life. Photo booths will definitely bring some newness in the way your wedding will be held.

2. The next reason is that the photo booths are so entertaining. People get a chance to get themselves clicked just the way they want. They can pose with props, big sunglasses, gangsta hats, sideburns or moustaches. They have so many different options available for getting clicked in a fancy way.

3. You can a guest book made with the help of a photo booth. It is way better option that getting your wedding pictures developed after 6 months. Plus, your guests can also get a nice photo book for themselves and keep them as a memory. You will get a chance to live those memories once again without any delay.

4. You might not be aware of this fact but the photo booths can shoot videos as well. You can shoot videos with photo booth and get them stored in your devices then and there.

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DIY Backdrops for Weddings

While opting for a wedding photo booth hire in Melbourne, a good range of printed backdrops can prove to be splendid as creating a DIY backdrop is a great way to really personalize the photo booth wedding in Melbourne.

People have the option to go for a designer to coordinate with the backdrop in with the venue décor. Also florist can assist in creating something spectacular for the wedding. You can have a bit of fun with your photo booth backdrop that can’t get better.

The backdrop of garden party is a pretty spectacular idea as a fake garden turf along with daisies looks amazing along with the gilded frame. Guests have the option to play around with the gilded frame by sticking their heads inside it for a bit of fun.

The look of flower walls is really spectacular and it always attracts people who are eager to get clicked for an elegant new Facebook picture. This form of setting can look really luxurious and extravagant, plus the florist will definitely be glad at you for this idea.

A fair bit of effort goes into creating paper flowers but the overall effect is pretty amazing. It requires a lower budget to take on the flower wall, if a person has some time on his or her hands.

Crafty types can also try the option of origami cranes as they work really well for them. You can invite your bridesmaids and groomsmen over for the fun of paper-folding and bottle of bubbly before the grand wedding photo booth hire in Melbourne.

Going for a well-placed selection of props in front of an attractive wall can work wonders as a backdrop for your booth. The idea seems to be simple, but it is pretty effective idea when utilized with a plan.

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Things one should keep in mind while hiring a photo booth

Photo booths are gaining a huge amount of popularity these days as they allow an amazing way to capture memories. People hire photo booths in Melbourne for almost all the events like weddings, birthdays, farewells etc. However, these booths also serve the purpose for branding by helping you spread your brand message unconventionally. They can add a flavor of style to all kinds of events.

Given below is the list of things you should keep in mind while going for a photo booth hire in Melbourne:

  1. Cost – Hiring a photo booth that suits your budget should be the utmost priority or else you might end up spending an amount exceeding your budget. Most people believe that spending more amount of money is all that is required to make their event memorable. But, at times, waving a good bye to your guests by handing them some enduring memories with great pictures is all you need to make your event successful. Look for options that suit your needs and budget.
  2. Size- Less amount of space inside an enclosed box will not go well with your guests. Make sure that your leave enough space for the photo booth set up at your event venue. Discuss with your event planner and your photo booth provider to assemble an appropriate seized photo booth.
  3. Design – It is important that the design and aesthetics of your photo booth should be in sync with the theme of your event. For instance – for a prom night, you can talk to your photo booth provider to make arrangements for goggles, wigs, fake moustaches etc. to go well with your theme.
  4. Service – Make sure that your photo booths have attendants to interact with your guests regarding the functionalities of the booth to ensure quality service.

So, make sure to keep all these aspects in mind before finalizing a photo booth provider.

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Reasons to have an Instagram printer at your event

A lot of people have this habit of calling a photographer at their event. They wish to capture the moments of their event and turn them into eternal memories. But now the times have changed. A new trend of setting up Instagram printers and photo booths has started becoming common in almost every event. There are a lot of people who always bring in an Instagram photo printer in Melbourne or Here are some reasons why you should have Instagram printers at your event –

  1. The first reason is that Instagram has emerged as the biggest social media platform for sharing self clicked images. There are more than 5 million users in Australia itself. It is obvious that there will be a lot of people in your event who will be uploading all their pictures on Instagram. So what if you give them the chance to get their pictures printed then and there? It will be a great thing for them as it will prove to be really convenient. It will be a real life experience for them when they will be there at your event.
  2. You can create a hash tag for your event so that all your guests can use it and upload their pictures. They already have the option of getting their photos printed. This will help in publicizing your event to a great extent.
  3. It is really easy for the users to engage both online and offline. They can both share the pictures and get them printed as well at the same time. Everyone with a smart phone and Instagram app will become a part of this amazing idea.

These were some of the biggest advantages of having an instagram printer at your event.

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